Blog:3 Scrum

How has scrum affected our development?

When we were working on our first concept (Demonology), I felt like that we had no idea what we were doing. Every time we meet, no one had any idea of what was going on or what we were supposed to do. But in this new project we all could keep up with the progress and what was going, that is very much thanks to scrum.

Scrum as an agile framework is a way for a team to break down their different tasks and put them into a timeframe, you create a product backlog in order to keep track on the tasks and everyone’s progress. The group decides which tasks that are the most pressing and puts a deadline for when they should be done, this is called sprint planning. By deciding in forehand what we were going to do we could make sure everyone was on track with the time schedule, which has been really useful. The daily stand ups has been a very effective way to keep everyone in the loop. Everyone talked about what they had done so far and what they would be counting working with for the rest of the week. If anyone was behind or felt overwhelmed by the their task, the group would help out by letting someone else in the group, who had come further with their progress to lift the burden, by taking over or help out with the task.

With scrum you make a sprint backlog, your group is supposed to write down all the different task ahead and break down what the they will involve, by doing this we could estimate how long the different task would take. By knowing all the different task, we as a group could prioritize the different important aspects from the game we were making and wich order we should make them. The group chose to work on the smaller enemies first, for the alpha presentation. Because of this we could but the bigger progress on ice and spend all our focus on the most pressing task, while putting more thought into the final boss.


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